Dodo tales (Ep7 s1) I've bearly slept at all, it's 5:30…

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Dodo tales (Ep7 s1) I've bearly slept at all, it's 5:30 and I'm writing this sideways 😂, so I'm sorry if I make any spelling errors.

Jerry grabbed Rick's wrist and held on to him, but he knew his grip wouldn't last long. The Allosaurus was way bigger than Jerry, and therefore way stronger. Jerry looked around and spotted a steak knife, but it was too far away. He reached for it, but it was just out of his reach. Rick was panicking of course, and this was not helping. "You're not gonna like this. I need you to hold on to something and try not to get eaten." Jerry let go and grabbed the steak knife. He immediately spun around and stabbed the Allo in the eye. It roared out in pain and surprise and retreated

Rick didn't look any happier though, in fact, was looking at jerry with a scared look. Jerry looked behind him just In time to see an Allo ramming into him. He hit the wall and went unconscious.....

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