Inescapable death chapter 10

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Inescapable death chapter 10

Skullhelm walked through a dank cavern, her gold chitin armour glistening in thelight of luminous mushrooms and the glowing eyes of her teK skull helmet.

Stopping at an area with a small pit filled with sharp stalagmites, she nimbly clambered down to the bases of the stone spikes, she used the teK infused fangs of her raptor helmet to test each one for hardness, all but three of the stalagmites shattered to pieces, and two of the remainder were blunt, but the last one was perfectly sharp, she marked it by scratching a cross into the ground with the sharp edge of one of her chitin gauntlets, and the monkey went deeper into the cave.

Here, further into the cave systems, the stone walls were hardly even solid. The underground rivers and the roots of trees having loosened it until it was more like gravel than solid rock, and this meant that hiding was very easy for the creature Skullhelm was hunting, just such a creature then suddenly shook the coarse earthy floor of from it's shimmering shelled back and rose up on it's countless jointed legs, an arthropleura had been unearthed, Skullhelm leapt for the creature, grabbing it by the spindly antennae and swinging herself onto it's head, the beast reared and shook it's body, dislodging the monkey and sending her flying onto the rooty ground.

Skullhelm ran away and sure enough the centipede followed, she led her assailant back to the stalagmites she had marked, the arthro reared up onto it's hind legs and spat it's own acidic green blood at Skullhelm, she dodged the ooze and it spattered onto the stalagmite, melting a shard from the top just the right size for a mesopithecus to use for a weapon, some glops of the blood sailed through the air from the impact, however, one of these landed back on the arthropleura, causing no effect, another disintegrated with just a little bit of oxidisation to Skullhelm's teK raptor helmet, but the last sailed onward and hit it's mark, it hit Skullhelm's arm just below her wrist, splashing outward as the surrounding fur and chitin armour started to hiss and steam, the blob burnt straight half of her lower arm, the withered skeletal remains of which promptly fell onto the floor and shrivelled into soil, the monkey collapsed in pain as the arthro scurried closer, clicking it's fangs with joy, Skullhelm slowly reached out with her long tail and grabbed the stalagmite shard, just as the centipede was observing the monkey wondering which bit of a monkey is best if left to rot for what time, when Skullhelm pushed the pointed stalagmite through it's mandible. The centipede screeched in pain and anger as it's surprisingly dangerous lunch pulled the stalagmite out from it's fang, which was virtually free of acidic blood and so left the stone undamaged, and bludgeoned it's head clean off with the blunter end of the stone spike, the body writhed for a few moments, it's many legs kicking randomly, green acid spurting from it's neck dissolving parts of the floor and walls, then was still.

Skullhelm used some cave plants to bind the amazingly not bleeding stump of her hand, it seemed that the acid had melted the tips of most of the arteries shut.

She then stabbed her weapon into a rare mushroom growing from a bunch nearby, covering it's point in toxic juice, and picked the rest to arm the weapon later, and ran out into the sun, to search for Storm the Second.


Z.É.T.A were now quickly memorising a new law into their pack code:


Storm Loki Herpus Batrider Ignis Longfangs Varus The Second be held prisoner with no precautions against the following:


Storm II was now held constantly tranquilized using a method involving extensive cranial trauma and a big, firm log, as well as at the bottom of a pit Z.É.T.A had dug, tied up with vines from head to tail, gagged, hung upside down, and blinded using rare mushrooms at all times, and was still escaping daily,

Z.É.T.A were now preparing a smooth rock to remove his vital organs on for a celebratory feast commemorating their vanquishment of Storm The Second.

"I don't see why the little furred pest keeps attempting escape, if I were him I'd just resign to my fate and hope I die painfully for being that particular monkey"

Éta said, Zéta nodded his frosty white head in agreement. "The problem with these primates is that they lack saurian aspects, us reptiles are much superior in intellect"

"Your reptilian wisdom knows no bounds if you have come to admit this" Théta replied

As this conversation between the Z.É.T. happened, Alpha quickly used the large curved claw on her foot to carefully sever a tendon in the pithecine hand belonging to Storm II as it tried to get out of the pit, she heard the sentient irritation yelp in pain below and he snatched his hand back down -one finger quite stiff and immovable-

Before Z.É.T.A could further discuss the immense superiority of reptiles over the rest of the universe, Skullhelm, dressed in a miniature gold set of chitin armour, a teK raptor head, a few bloodstains and cuts, and with one arm replaced by some sort of stake, leapt from an overhanging palm, used the stone spike in place of her arm to flick Storm The Second from his pit and pinned him to the ground with it.

"Oh, you arrived just in time, we were preparing that for supper" Zéta said, gesturing with his hand claw at the black monkey.

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