Inescapable death chapter 8

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Inescapable death chapter 8

Skullhelm scurried over a clearing in the forest, she stopped to eat some berries she'd gathered earlier.

The monkey looked at the horizon, the sun was setting fast, and she knew the onyc would soon be out.

Skullhelm was literally shaken out of her thoughts by a sudden earthquake.

A weird beast burst it's body from the ground,

It had the head of a megaloceros, a bulky, earth covered body that looked like an ankie's, a long, thagomiser tipped tail like a stegosaurus, and a small tree rooted to the covering of soil on it's back.

The creature looked at Skullhelm, it didn't seem too aggressive, it just stared and blinked a little.

Then three large, iridescent gold solifuges wriggled out of the dirt on it's back,

The spider like beasts made a scuttling advance toward their monkey quarry.

Skullhelm hit one away with a sideways swipe of her helmet, while another was bitten to a pulpy mess by the fangs of the teK head.

The two survivors righted themselves and came towards her again, holding their ludicrously enormous chelicerae in front of them.

She simply sawed one to bits, but she needed the other one's corpse whole.

She ran around behind the remaining beast and hit it upward with the tip of her helmet snout.

The solifuge landed upside down with it's legs in the air, it flipped itself up and leapt forward, stinging Skullhelm with it's fangs.

She grabbed the creature and wedged it between the teeth of her teK helmet.

It scuttled it's legs franticly attempting an escape, she took it to a hollow stump that had filled with rainwater and dunked it in, it trod the water with it's eight legs even more vigorously until it went limp and drowned.

Skullhelm brought it back up and, using its remains and the fibres stripped from a banana leaf, built a miniature set of chitin armour, built specifically for monkey use, as it was much more flexible than the chitin armour made by humans. She put on her new suit of armour and prepared to find the final ingredient to destroy Storm The Second once and for all, a good weapon.

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