Inescapable death chapter 7

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Inescapable death chapter 7

Storm The Second gazed down upon the jungle from the back of his onyc.

Searching, his search was cut off by the sight of four troodons

-one black, one ash gray, one white, and one blue- "perfect" he said to himself,

Then he saw something else down there, it was Cinder, although with some kind of tentacle on his back, attacking the troodons. "Even better. No need to kill them myself" he flapped away on his bat.


Down far below, Z.É.T.A quickly turned and ran, the Cinder creature may have been deadly up close, but it was a terrible runner, trying to keep up it simply collapsed.

"That was very close" panted Éta,

"What do you think happened to Cinder that made him a maniraptocidal undead squid?"

Théta wondered.

"I don't know, nor do I care" replied Alpha.

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