Inescapable death chapter 6

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Inescapable death chapter 6

Skullhelm scurried through the thick undergrowth until she was confronted by the teK wall of the arena, she quickly searched around for what she was looking for and found it after a few minutes:

A loose patch on the wall just the size of her raptor skull helmet.

She dexterously twisted and pulled it until it became just loose enough to pull out, the octagonal panel was near instantly and entirely seamlessly replaced by a new one with a few mechanical clicks, but the monkey had what she needed.

Wasting no time, she removed her helmet and touched the teK to it's bone surface, with whirring commotion the teK panel bent and rebuilt itself around the skull until it perfectly resembled the head of a teK raptor, Skullhelm put the newly rebuilt helmet back on and continued on her way.


Z.É.T.A walked along a massive fallen tree, the size of a redwood but shaped like the huge tropical plants towering above.

"Hold up. What's that smell?" Éta suddenly exclaimed, the troodons stopped to sniff the air, and indeed their sensitive snouts picked up on something odd, the smell was dead flesh, not unusual, the strange part was that it was getting closer, accompanied by small footsteps.

"This. May. Be. Bad" said Alpha between gritted fangs, "for once I agree with you" said all of the rest of Z.É.T.A.

From the undergrowth below the log came the sound of small, nimble hands grasping and scraping on rotten wood.

"It's climbing up the log!" Théta hissed, just as a small mesopithecus hand tinted with just a little gangrene appeared over the top of the log, all four looked down, and there, somewhat rotting and with a hole over the base of his neck, but very recognisable, was Cinder.

The zombie Cinder crawled closer up the log, it's movements slow and jerky, like some kind of praying mantis. The four troodons stood very still, until a large, extremely unattractive black tendril tipped with a ring of fangs snaked it's way out of the monkey's neck and snaked towards them, Cinder's normally yellow eyes pulsating bright magenta in a mesmerising way,

"Run!" Screamed all of Z.É.T.A, so perfectly in unison that it seemed as if Alpha had been one of them for ever.

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