Draconis tales chapter 20

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Draconis tales chapter 20

After two days Bluefeathers and Obsidian managed to get to the border of the lunar tundra, up close, it was a vast white expanse of snow broken only by the occasional pine grove or grassy hillock.

It seemed to get colder the farther in they got, having been hatched in an ice cave, Bluefeathers didn't mind the cold too much, Obsidian, however, was not used to the cold, Bluefeathers could see her scales visibly steaming.

After they went deep into the lunar tundra, a creature came into view, it resembled a wyvern, but seemed more feline, with small wings, a longer neck, long pointed horns with ear-holes at the base, and it was covered in warm fur.

(note: As this exists in an alternate universe to the ark story, the element areas on a managarmr don't exist)

"Who are you?!" The managarmr demanded "we have come from the other areas to attempt to stop the attacks from crystal heirs by going to the crystal jungle" Obsidian replied.

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