Draconis tales chapter 14

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Draconis tales chapter 14

Bluefeathers Ran over to the lake in the mushroom forest, passing a surprised shinehorn.

she peered in and, sure enough, saw a small tunnel, that must be the river... Crawling into the lake, she swam to the tunnel and went in, she ended up standing on the bottom of the shallow underground river.

Camouflaging, she walked along in the darkness, only illuminated by Glowyrm standing on her snout, after a while, she came out from a tunnel in a spring on the outside,

looking around,

she saw the ancient scarred crater of drake mountain's long extinct volcano, she looked around for a way to block the attacking crystal heirs without draining the lake inside, she suddenly noticed a gnarled and twisted fallen tree, wyverns won't be able to get rid of that if it's under water where they can't breath fire, she thought.

Dragging the log back along the underground river, she wedged it into the tunnel entrance inside the mountain and swam back to the shore.

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