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Draconis tales chapter 12

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Draconis tales chapter 12

Bluefeather opened the stone door to the rock drake living area and walked in, she and Obsidian looked suddenly tiny, surrounded by the many rock drake houses that were arranged from floor to ceiling

"How do the rock drakes get up there, of you can't fly?" Obsidian asked, "we can climb and glide well" Bluefeathers replied.

"Why did the crystal heirs attack you in the first place?" Obsidian asked "we don't really know" She replied,

Just then, a huge ember heir came in, roaring.

Bluefeathers instantly camouflaged, "Over here!" She said to the crystal heir, briefly turning visible, it leapt at her, but she disappeared and scampered out of the way, the heir hit it's head hard on the opposite wall, "this way!" She teased it, causing it to crash again, before climbing up a nearby wall and pouncing down on it, it tried to escape, but she grabbed it's tail in her mouth and brought it up a wall to a hook, hanging it there by the tail.

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