Hater, want my true feelings or logic?

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Hater, want my true feelings or logic? If you want true feelings then SHUT THE (extremely obsene word that the dex would not let me type) UP, nobody cares what people like you think!

If you want logic, nobody said you have to READ them, plus, nobody puts "this happened to my quetz" stories in this section, look in utility.

Also, seriously, imagine if one of the fan fictioners became famous, you'd be shunned for insulting their art and bopped with a big stick (well, maybe not the stick)

Also, seriously, don't say things like that to people who did nothing wrong anyway, made up stories about crocodiles (or humans or dragons or yuties

OOOOR mesos but those I regret ever writing and might use as a torture weapon on my enemies)

Are more free to express themselves than "oh this happened to my quetz" πŸ”Ό farms,

Also, just a warning, I tend to put people I don't like in my fanfictions with suptle links that most people don't notice and then have then die horribly, because, well, I am the god of my fan fiction world, even if in my case my characters write themselves and I just suggest small things (well, what I actually mean by that is that after I get a little character development they practically leap out of my brain and into the story like excited baby direwolves (I'm mad, aren't I?)

Yours sincerely,

signed in poison wyvern spit,

Molten element,

And pure liquified condensed hatred and contempt

~Draconis tales writer

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