Part Two

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Part Two

" Open the gates!" Jared shouted. Two great metal doors slid apart from each other to reveal what was left of the scouting party. Their mission was to find out where the rest of the New Leigon lied. Their like cockroaches. He thought. No matter how hard you step on them, they always get back up. Only one man was left of the party of twenty. Something had happened. " Are you ok?" Jared said to the scout. " The, the monster! It killed them! There's no escaping it! It is death! It came upon us! We used all our weapons on it but it did nothing!" Then, he fell to the floor, mouth frothing. It had been the work of a poison. Something had run through his veins until it found his heart and killed him. Ranesh walked up to him. " I don't know what the poison is from. It is made up of all natural components, but it doesn't match any species on the Island." Jared went out side. He needed to think. If the New Leigon found this, the war would change. They needs to find it. And kill it.

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