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Walker's Story Part Seven

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Walker's Story Part Seven

The Red Pike

By Jedi

Christopher sat carving a bow, leaning on the side of the house. He had a crossbow,but he was bored and he figured this was the best way to pass the time. Siyu walked by, his own bow in his hands and a quiver filled with tranque arrows slung over his shoulder. " Where are you going?" Asked Christopher. " I promised Dijiao(sorry for misspelling.) I wouldn't make her fight again. But I still need creatures to fight with. I will tame some." " I'll come with you. It's not like I have anything better to do." They went to find some creatures then. They tamed a pack of raptors, some doedircus, a few allosaurs, two Argys, and even a rex when it came. A huge beast came crashing upon them. " The Demon King!" Siyu yelled. " What?"

" The Demon King! It's a beast that roams the forest, with glowing yellow eyes!" Christopher knew that what he thought was a Demon King was just a Giga, but he decided that now wasn't the best time too discuss it. Christopher simply loaded his crossbow, and began to shoot. After on hour, it lay uncoincuss at their feet. They have it some meat, and it tamed. " I want you to understand," Siyu said " We will only use this monster in emergencies. If it gets mad, it will destroy all in its path." They went back to the house and made fences for all their me dinos. This was their first adventure. The first, or many to come.

Ok, I spent minor if it's just me, but the box seems bigger. And longer. I haven't even seen a hint of the word bar. What's going on? Is this an update? Idk. Weird. I hope I did a good job of portraying your character CL1.


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