The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Walkers story part Eight

By Jedi

Walker stood in the forest. The trees were wreathed in flames. Fire climbed the vines. Siyu and Nerva we're in a clearing, fighting. Siyu was losing, so Walker ran to help. But the ground became sticky, and pulled at his feet so he couldn't move. He called Siyu's name, but his voice made no sound. He drew his bow, but it crumbled to ashes in his hand. Nerva's like shot through his gut, and Li fell to the floor. Then the ground began to crack, and then fell away completely. He fell to another layer and looked up. Nerva was there, his like raised for the death blow. But then he dissipated like sand in the wind. Then Helena, his siter, stood above him. " You must stop this from happening." She said. He woke up in Siyu's house. No fires, no nothing. The cook sat next to him, making some know of medicine.He was covered head to toe in bandages. Siyu stood in the corner, watching the cook work. Christopher sat up with a groan. " Good, your alive" Li said. " We have business to discuss." The cook ran to him. " he just had a nearly fatal encounter! He needs his rest!" But Li shoved him aside. " out of the way, Harvey. We need to prep for war."


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