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The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Walkers story part nine.

By Jedi

Walker sat on the deck of Siyu's house, and was teaching Bandito tricks. He had gotten really good at stealing, but too good. One he went on a hunting trip just to. Come home and realize that Bandito had stolen all his meet. Siyu was practicing with his sword, hacking a straw dummy to pieces. Harvey was gathering herbs. He then looked up. " What the heck is that." He looked forward, to see a huge cloud of dust, racing towards the forest and towards them. He looked with a eyeglass and saw it was a army of tames. " Nerva." Siyu said. " No. They don't hear the flag of the Red Leigon." In the front, a woman sat atop a Galli and ran towards them at full speed. " think they'll go around us?" Walker said. " No, they won't." Siyu said. They had about five minutes before they reached them, and during this time they chopped down trees to use as cover. He grabbed a Automatic Rifle and offered it to Siyu. " I still you still don't like guns?" Walker said. Siyu just knocked an arrow and drew his bow. The Galli had now drawn to the back. Whoever was riding wanted the tames to do her dirty work. Christopher let out a spray of bullets. Siyu launched a volley of arrows. While Christopher's bullets mostly hit trees and the ground, Siyu's arrows each landed in a enemies flesh. Pretty soon, a good chunk of the army was gone. The Galli was now headed straight for them. Siyu shot it in the chest with a arrow, and Walker slashed across its ankle. It fell to the ground and skidded by them, injured, not dead. The woman fell to the ground. Ok pointed his bow at her, but she just whistled. A roar echoed through the forest. Coming at them, was a Giga. Walker whistled for his own giga, and the two fought, while Siyu and Walker took on the mystery assailant. In the end, both of the Gigas wore each other out, and they both collapsed from exhaustion. Siyu pointed his bow at her, once again. " Who are you?" He asked. " What's it to you?" She replied. " Speak." He said and drew his bow back farther. " Ok, ok." She said. " Tyrana." " Good, now give me one good reason I should let you live?" "Simple. I know Nerva's weakness."

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