Jared's Story Book Two

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Jared's Story Book Two

Part One

*Two Years Later*

Swan slid down the hill. A battle had been in this area. He had recently found foot prints that were shaped like a Rexes and had the toe claw of a raptor. He sprinted through the forest until he found the remains of a human. The implant was intact, so he took it. He continued on until he found a message in a tree. Pradeo Homines comes for us! He went back to his base, to see if he dig up more info. He activated his computer and set the implant in it. Neon blue lights out up as the rest of his tek machines activated. He remembered finding the remains of the city, Sanctuary, where the people were highly advanced. " The implant records everything," he said to himself. " So maybe I can see what he saw." A holographic image popped up. The man was running from something of huge size. He stopped to carve his message, and then continued to run, only to scream as what appeared to be the stinger of a scorpion. It killed him, and the implant said that a poison had been injected in to him. Ewan looked out into the woods. Something was out there.

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