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The Ovi/Allo Song

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The Ovi/Allo Song

I was walking down the beach, admiring my giga egg, when an Ovi came and said, " listen here boy that egg is mine!" and I figured it was my time to shine.

He bared his teeth I drew my bow, when along came a more fearsome foe.

Allosaur pack of three, turned and crushed the Ovis knee. I hid in side a bush, and they stomped on him til he was mush! And when they started to sniff, I knew of my scent they had caught a whiff.

I ran and looked behind my back,and then I called in my raptor pack. They fought and fought and killed one of the three, but then they had to turn and flee.

I ran and ran and I thought I was dead, but then I remembered my Red named Red. I called him in, and he hit ones neck, and just for heck he grabbed the other and threw it.

There it sank, and he had killed them all, like a tank. Flyers began to soar, and he let out a triumphant roar. I showed the tribe my power and might, and then, there was celebration that night.He


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