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Part One

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Part One

Jared woke up with a start, filled with confusion and wonder. I know what your thinking, classic ark fan fiction beginning: the main character wakes up with amnesia, wondering where he is or how he got there. But Jared knew exactly where he was. He remembered everything. What he was wondering, was how he was alive. He had gone into the snowy biome for some metal, obsidion, and crystal. Then the pack of allosaurs came, and killed him. He remembered looking down its throat, knowing he wouldn't make it out. He looked down at his chest. All his scars and wounds from various dinos were gone. All of a sudden, a roar can from behind him. He looked at and saw an alpha raptor, which was charging at him. So he did the only sensible thing left when one has nothing. He ran. He ran as fast as he could, not daring to look back, darting through- CRUNCH!! Okay, that made him look. Right behind him, chewing on what was left of the raptor, was a Giga. How could this get any worse? he wondered.

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