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Long, long ago, chaos ruled the Ark.

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Long, long ago, chaos ruled the Ark. Seven tribes were at war. Eventually, the tribes made alliances, formed boundaries, and were at peace. One day, each of the tribes sent forth their greatest warriors, and they set out on a quest: too climb down the throat of the volcano, and discover its mysteries. They fought through the tek cave, facing beasts of many kinds, when at last, they reached the Overseer. They fought valiantly, until only one warrior from each tribe remained. They fought together, and finally, the Overseer fell. But the Overseer was what had created the land, what kept balance, what kept peace, and without him, the Ark fell apart...

150 Years Later

Two fisher men went through the river in their boat. " No fish." One of them said. " Makes you wonder where they all went." The other one wasn't paying attention. He was looking at the water, or more, what was in it. Ceolocanths and other fish littered the water. They were dead. And so was the Ark.

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