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The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Part Three of Walker's Story

By Jedi

Christopher went forward. It was raining. He hadn't had a very good day. First, the village had been destroyed. Then, he got attacked by a giant. Then, he found out that his sister was the prisoner of some warlord named Nerva. He left hand arm was probably broken. His right ankle was definitely broken,and several of his ribs had cracked. As he continued, he came across a stone tower. A flag sat on top of it. It was red and seemed familiar, but he coudn't remember when. Two guards ran at him. " Who are you!" One of them shouted. " Uh, my name is Christopher. Have you seen my sister, Helena Walker?" Both of the guards winced at the name. " why are you asking? Are you her ally?" "Well, I guess so, considering we're related." Both of the guards held of the weapons. " then in the name of Gauis Nerva, our founder, we sentence you to death."

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