(The first book starts in achatina and continues in abc…

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(The first book starts in achatina and continues in abc order and then the second and third follow it)

Riddles of the Phoenixes series

The War of the Phoenixes.

Prologue: The war prophecy

Emma and Andrew were in a spare bedroom of the castle. Emma sat on the bed while Andrew looked out the window. “It’s so dark out there.” He commented. Emma said nothing, she seemed lost in thought. Andrew turned to his wife.

“You okay Em?” He asked. Emma nodded. “My head has been feeling very heavy for some strange reason. I don’t know-” She suddenly paused speaking, her mouth open slightly. “Em? Emma are you okay?” Andrew asked worriedly. Emma suddenly jerked and her eyes rolled upward. Black eyes stared back at him. “Emma?!”

Emma opened her mouth and began to speak, her voice dark and unlike her own.

“War is coming and it cannot be stopped.

Two brothers will fight, one of dark and one of light. If one bows to the light they will win the fight. One shall die and the other will learn that his anger must be dropped.

Find the speaker of creatures, the man of mischief, the seer of prophecies, the healer of himself, and the shaper of realities. Call them from the darkness into the light. They will help find a way or you will never live another day.

You will find help from one who wants something that is considered wrong.

Play the song she sang long ago and wherever the storm may blow you will find the key to his heart. Only he can defeat the slayer of dreams or else the world will tear apart by its seams.

You cannot deny that in this war some will bleed and die. Do not waste the time they have given or else all the peace will be driven off.

Two brothers will battle and one’s fate remains unknown while the other’s death will be painful, filled with groans and moans.

Gather a army and stay strong, keep yourselves from doing wrong. The war will come and only some will survive, only some.”

Emma jerked again and her eyes turned back to their normal white. She slumped over unto Andrew’s arms, exhausted. “What was that? A vision?” Andrew asked. Emma reached up and massages her forehead as if she had a headache. “No. No, it wasn’t a vision it was….a prophesy? We have to end the war. Soon.”

First chapter coming soon!


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