The Omega Timeline

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The Omega Timeline

Chapter ten: Curiouser and curiouser -SunnyFox57

Sheeri, Arianna, and Ruby carefully carried the trays filled with food to the table and began to unload the food onto the very very large table. (Weirdly there were already clean empty plates and silverware lates out on it) Behold! Food, food, food, all kinds of unique foods. Pies and puddings, gravy, raw meat, lasagna, cooked meat, Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, collard and greens, casseroles, noodles, various types of cookies, fresh bread, fresh fruit of all kinds, jalapeño poppers, soup, a ginamourus cake and much much more. Sheeri and Arianna carefully carried the huge cake out to the table.

There was a lot of food to go around, in fact you might say that there was too much. Everyone took a seat at the table, and they began to dish out food. Samuel watched as Neddy began to fork udon noodles onto his plate, joyfully. “Here you go Star. Eat up.” Samuel said to his dodo, putting a tiny plate of berries and cooked fish in front of her. Star squawked and dove in.

Aragorn simply watched with narrowed eyes as the others made their food. “What about Drain? Should we get him something to eat?” Nova asked Emerald. Emerald shrugged carelessly. “Don’t know, don’t care!” She said, and began to fill her large metal plate with meat, although eyeing it warily. Emma sat down beside Ruby and they began amiably chatting as they ate.

“You’re a really great chef! I heard you made the cake! It looks splendid!” Emma exclaimed. Ruby beamed happily. “Thanks. Your mother helped me with it.” Ruby replied. “I can’t cook much. I’m not very good at it honestly but…I’m better than my dad. He can only make burned grilled cheeses.” Emma said. They burst out giggling. Darkhide scowled at the food on his plate and squinted at it. “If it is poisoned then I doubt you’ll get the poison out by just watching it.” Jay said from beside him. Darkhide jumped slightly, startled by the sudden appearance of the small human.

Jay bit into a apple and watched Darkhide curiously. “I’ve never seen a talking drake before, in fact….I’ve never even seen a drake before!” Jay exclaimed. Darkhide growled under his breath. Jay continued to talk. “So can you understand animals that don’t talk? What do you do with those? How many of you are there? How-” Jay paused when Darkhide fixed him with a stern glare.

“Go away kid. I don’t have time for your questions.” Darkhide growled. Jack yanked Jay away. “Sorry sir about my brother. He’s not the smartest chap and doesn’t realize that you might eat him.” Jack told Darkhide. Jay scowled at his brother. “Me? Me not smart? You can’t even pronounce “monkey”!” Jay exclaimed. Jack scoffed. “I do! It’s pronounced monkay not monkey!” Jay rolled his eyes.

“No it’s monkey!” Jay cried.






“Boys!” Arianna snapped. Jay and Jack went quiet and went back to eating. Darkhide rolled his eyes. “Kids.” He muttered. Just then a sweet dinging sound echoed through the dining room. It was the doorbell.

“I’ll get it.” Samuel said. He got up and walked for the door. Star wiped her beak neatly on her napkin, fluffed her feathers, and trotted after Samuel. Samuel slowly opened the door to see a band of five strange people. A woman with long magneta hair, magneta eyes and she wore a crystal crown and a magneta dress(Samuel noted that she was slightly obsessed with the color magneta), two kids, a man with bright blue hair and eyes, and another man who stood protectively at the woman’s side.

“Oh great more visitors.” Aragorn muttered darkly from the other room. Star squawked disapprovingly at him. “Hi. I’m Queen Slylveevee. (Aragorn snorted) This is Drake, Skyocean, Moonhigh, and Sunhigh.” Slyveevee said. “In my day in age people didn’t parade around telling people we were royalty.” Aragorn muttered under his breath. Arianna shot him a look.

“We’ve come to see what’s going on. We were just randomly sucked from my castle earlier. Do you know whats going on?” Slylveevee asked. Samuel shrugged. “I’m Samuel and this is Star. The same thing happened to me and my allies…and some other people.” Samuel said.

“We don’t know what’s going on. You’re welcome to come in though. We’re having dinner.” Slylveevee cast a worried look at Drake and Skyocean. who shrugged. Slylveevee sighed and then took Moonhigh and Sunhigh by their hands and led them into the dining room. “More humans?! How many of those critters are there?!” Emerald barked angrily. “We have feeling you know!” Neddy called. Emerald shrugged carelessly. “Did you hear that woman she said she’s a queen!” Jack whispered to Jay. Jay shrugged. “This is just getting weird. Curiouser and curiouser.”

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