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The ferox fire chapter 7

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The ferox fire chapter 7

As Mischief and Death were discussing what the strange tubby mushroom creature's purpose was, the island they were on lurched suddenly.

"What was that?!" Mischief and Death both said.

The island started to sink, Mischief clung onto a branch of a shrub, Death silked herself onto the ground, and the mushroom creature made a yelping noise and dove back into it's blue cylinder.

The island sunk deep below the water, luckily there seemed to be some sort of air vents on it and breathable bubbles were rising up from tiny cracks in its surface.

The island sank deeper and deeper, before it abruptly changed direction and swam into large hole in a rise in the seafloor,

Before coming out in a large crystal-lit cavern filled with plants and trees.

Mischief hopped off the edge of the island,

and Death followed carrying the mushroom creature's cylinder.

On the ground, Mischief could see that they had not been on an island, but rather the back of a huge turtle with six

Legs and four eyes.

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