Riddles of the Phoenixes series

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Riddles of the Phoenixes series

Through the eyes of the Dark phoenixes.

Chapter twenty three : Caught.

“Y’all snuck out?!” Nora asked/demanded. Jack ran his fingers through his long hair nervously. Cyra and him exchanged nervous glances. “Um….yeah?” Cyra said. “Why?! You could have gotten lost!” Nora exclaimed. “He could have escaped!” William exclaimed. “You could have died.” Cyrus said darkly. Cyra glared at him. “Well, excuse me Cyrus, I didn’t know that we were harboring a murderer!!” She exclaimed sarcastically. Cyrus’ eye twitched angrily. “Well, you never know what OUTSIDERS might do!!!!” He exclaimed. Cyra scowled. “Oh! So now you’re afraid of outsiders, huh?!” Cyra sneered. “NO! I’m just trying to protect YOU from OUTSIDERS!” Cyrus growled. Jack began to edge away from Cyra as she and Cyrus began to fight. “I don’t need your protection!”

“Oh really? Well I can list SEVERAL occasions when you needed my help!”

“You don’t understand do you?! This “protection” thing isn’t just you protecting me! I will protect you as well! And myself!”

“Well, I’m not just trying to protect you from outsiders I’m trying to protect you from mys-”

“ENOUGH!!!” William shouted. “We have a guest with us. Stop fighting you two, you’re acting like children.” Nora said. “Well you don’t treat him like a guest.” Cyra muttered. Cyrus scoffed. “Of course we don’t. He’s a outsider.” Cyrus said. Cyra glared at him. Cyrus ran his hand over his slicked back greasy dark brown hair and strutted out of the room haughtily. Nora sighed and shook her head. “Are they al-always like this?” Jack asked. William sighed. “Unfortunately…yes.” William replied. Cyra stomped past them, a dark expression on her face. The door slammed shut behind her, and the whole room shook. “Cyra can be very moody when she gets upset or offended. And so can Cyrus.” Nora said. “We were gonna scold Cyra but…probably not best to get her in a more foul mood. So……let’s go have dinner.” William instructed.


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