Draconis tales chapter 26

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Draconis tales chapter 26

Lupus reached the hill where the managarmrs and ice wyverns held gatherings, when he got there it was already crowded with managarmrs, ice wyverns, and various tundra animals, mostly wolves and sabertooths, argentavis and megaloceros were more rare, while mammoths and yuties were almost absent.

The managarmr leader, a large black furred male

managarmr-ice wyvern hybrid with a white yutyrannus,

leapt onto the hill.

"A black wyvern has told me that they are attempting to stop the attacks by crystal heirs, however they need one of each species of draconic, including one managarmr" the managice-wyvern said,

"A managarmr will have to be chosen to go to the crystal jungle"

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