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Draconis tales chapter 21

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Draconis tales chapter 21

Lupus looked at the wyvern and rock drake, wondering whether to freeze them to death or take them to the village for the others to decide,

Eventually the strange newcomers piqued his curiosity.

"Come on then" he said, "any moment more and the direwolves will get us".

As he said this, he started to secrete flammable gas from the glands in his hind legs into the combustion chambers in the soles of his paws, building up the pressure until the gas ignited and launched him into the sky in an explosion of snow and blue flames.

The wyvern and the rock drake started following him as he bounded across the landscape, eventually they came to a group of what appeared to be slightly pointed piles of snow, some much larger than others. Brushing away some snow from a large one with his snout, he opened the concealed door made of pine branches stuck together with mud and went inside.

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