(The first book starts in achatina and continues in abc…

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(The first book starts in achatina and continues in abc order and then the second and third follow it)

Riddles of the Phoenixes series

Through the eyes of the Dark phoenixes.

Chapter three: New cell mates and old friends.

Jack awoke from a nap to the sound of his cell door creaking open loudly and someone yelling. Jack sat upright and faced the door. Two British guard were struggling to get a man and a woman into the cell Jack was in. “Let go of me you filthy scum!” The man yelled. One of the British soldiers yanked the woman by her hair. “No, no, no I don’t like being touched!” The woman complained. “Don’t touch her punk!” The man yelled. Finally they got the prisoners in the cell. The guards slammed the door behind them. “Well that didn’t go the way I wanted it.” The man said. “Ya think?” The woman spat. The woman had long curled chestnut colored hair and greenish eyes and the man had brown hair and brown eyes. Jack watched them with narrowed eyes. “What are you looking at?” The woman asked. “Nothing.” Jack said quickly. The man chuckled. “This place seems…cozy. Who are you?” He asked Jack. “Jack. Why do you- wait…y’all look familiar. Do I know y’all? Who are y’all?” Jack questioned his cell mates. “I am Eric and this is my lovely w- I mean partner Elizabeth.” The man said. “Wait what? Eric? Elizabeth?” Jack sputtered. “Yeah, why do you care?” Elizabeth asked. “It’s me Jack! From Tortuga!” Jack exclaimed. “Jack?!” Eric exclaimed. “Jack.” Elizabeth said. “How are y’all still alive? And why are y’all here?” Jack asked. “Well-” Eric began. Elizabeth cleared her throat and shot him a look. Eric gave a uneasy chuckle. “Well it’s a long story.” Eric said. “Before we tell you, if we tell you, we have to escape from here.” Elizabeth said in a low voice. “How?” Elizabeth and Eric exchanged looks and then looked back at Jack. “We miggghhht have some ideas.”

Next chapter coming soon!


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