Hi I’m WhiteWinterTiger or for short WWT and I present to you from WWT productions,

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Hi I’m WhiteWinterTiger or for short WWT and I present to you from WWT productions,

Spooky scary Halloween stories

Book 1

“Do we have to do this Lynx” asked Rorin “yes, you clearly haven’t heard enough legends and story’s” replied Lynx is this your way of getting me to believe in prophecy’s?” Asked Rorin “Yes! No! Maybe! Anyway here’s the first story....”

Once upon a time there where 5 strong humans and one of them, a girl named Coco, now these where the strongest of the humans and they thought they where so strong they could be gods so they decided to try to become gods and they did and coco had become Orin the god of death and destruction. The other gods decided that she was to cruel to be a god so they sent her back down to the ground with the mortals and turned her back in to one. Orin was so upset that she spent the rest of her life trying to get revenge on the gods until the day she died, it was an oddly stormy day and many animals and humans died, they where also struck with a mysterious fatal disease causing even more to die. Now if you ever see gates opening on their own, things floating, tames going missing, babies dying for odd reasons, or tames chasing after something then getting lost and it’s like they just disappeared that was the work of Orin’s ghost still trying to get revenge by tearing the world apart one by one...

Well folks, I hope your scared, and please feel free to post feedback in the purple dye tips or if you want me to share your scary stories feel free to tell me them on purple dye and if you leave your name I’ll give you a shoutout and thank you for the story.



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