El chupacabra

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El chupacabra

El chupacabra is a bizarre archaeopteryx descendant from the twilight ARK. in the wild they can often be spotted killing and eating small animals by using their suction cup tipped feet to tear holes in their skin and then lap up the blood as it wells up, leaving totally drained corpses with a distinctive mark of three small punctures from the suction cups, this habit has earned them the name of "El chupacabra" after the cryptid, notably it's supposed habit of sucking farm animals of their blood, leaving three small marks in similar fashion to this creature.

But some chupacabra have turned to a more sinister lifestyle, living as total parasites forever latched to a host's flesh, supping on small amounts of blood for weeks on end until the unfortunate animal finally collapses from lack of air and is suffocated by El chupucabra's continued feasting,

However, not all of these parasitic chupacabras have such a one sided and deadly relationship with a host, some chupucabras latched to humans have turned to symbiosis, feeding only on small amounts of blood and in return using their wings to allow short periods of flight for their host, although at the cost of temporary exhaustion to both members of the symbiosis, as an attached chupie will need a lot more food for a few minutes after the effort of lifting both themselves and their host.


(Look, I know literally everyone is going to say "Archy? This is more of a microraptor!", And to be fair I couldn't agree more, but doesn't the electrical piranha pompom that is actually a pegomastax and the giant wyvern-esque predator that is really a ptera prove that life on the twilight ARK adapts in interesting ways? Not meant to sound rude, although it's pretty hard to make that noticed when you can't hear my tone of voice)

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