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The ferox fire chapter 5

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The ferox fire chapter 5

Wings, eyes, carapaces and stingers was all Mischief could see.

"How many of these things are there?!"

He yelled over the buzzing swarm, "hang.. on" Death's voice replied from the canopy, there was a strange humming noise from above,

the insect's eyes all turned bright blue, and they started squabbling, stabbing eachother with their proboscis and fluttering in eachother's faces.

Eventually there was only one left, it flew upwards, and was entrapped in sticky silk and reeled into the leaves.

Death dropped down on a silken parachute, the insect struggling in her chelicerae.

"Swamp insect courtship stridulation, the things go wild when they hear it" Death explained

Mischief looked around, they were inside a ring of massive trees with huge glowing flowers around the rim.

"You have done well" said a voice seemingly coming from all around, then in a brilliant show of turquoise hexagons and lights, the biome master appeared.

It was a truly massive creature

with a head like a carno but without any horns and instead a pair of large curved tusks in it's lower jaw,

Many large crocodile like fangs sticking at odd angles out of it's mouth,

It had a fairly slim body for it's size, and stood on six muscular, clawed limbs, four were armlike with opposable thumbs and the last pair were legs,

On it's four shoulderblades were tall spikes,

It had a long tail ending in a blunt club and two flukes arranged in the same position as a basi's,

it's skin was mottled, dark, swampy green brown, like pond scum, soaked earth and fish blood mixed together, and both leathery and scaly at the same time, like a crocodile's.

"You came for the artefact of paranoia"

said the behemoth beast of the bog, squinting through it's scuted eyelids to even see them

"Yes" Mischief replied.

"Due to my programming, you will have to battle me for it" the said,

"However, you both being incredibly insignificant and miniscule and standing no chance of defeating me. I will modify you both slightly"

At the Titan's last word,

A swarm of turquoise hexagons appeared out of thin air and swarmed around the bloodstalker and ferox.

Mischief felt the hexagons mutating and rearranging him, like a mouthful of element multiplied millions of times.

After the hexagons cleared,

The biome master didn't seem quite so large any more, it was still massive, towering three times their height, but that was tiny compared to before.

Mischief, or perhaps Murder now, tried moving,

and noticed whenever he took a step there was a massive boom,

And also that he seemed to have four extra arms above the normal pairs.

Murder turned to look at Death, she had become even more nightmarish and unusual than a regular bloodstalker.

She was standing on the usual six tentacles, but had an extra pair at the front that was held clear of the ground,

She also had a massively enlarged pair of mantis like claws that reached nearly to the ground,

And four more eyes, two small ones, and two large ones.

"What happened to 'slightly' modify?"

Death said sarcastically,

"Wellll, you were both tiny, and I don't completely control the transformation, Moeder and Pyroprima teamed up on me and forced me to add Mischief&Murder's extra limbs"

The biome master said.

"Anyway, let's get on with the battle"

Death nodded.

And the biome master roared, shaking the bog biome from the peat underground to the leaves in the canopy.

A group of mushroom-like twelve legged creatures pulled themselves from the ground and advanced towards Murder and Death.

The ferocious fungi started shooting green blobs from their gills.

Murder hit the ground with his new arms, sending the spidershrooms flying, a group of replacements burst from the floor.

Death aimed her silk spouts and shot a barrage of balls of silk at the creatures, they were mostly entangled in the gluey substance, but several escaped and bit at Death's tentacles, she tried to step on them, but with no luck.

Murder felt something odd in his throat, coughing slightly,

a small puff of element-violet flames blasted out of his mouth.

As Death picked up the last spidershrooms in her extra tentacles and throwed them at the wall of trees,

the biome master snarled and hopped onto it's hind legs, slashing with it's four arms, Murder took a hit to the face, almost taking his eye out.

The ferox opened his mouth and blasted the purple fire at the biome master, it hit it in the chest, singeing an area charcoal black.

The biome master dropped down onto all six legs and stepped into the back of the arena, another wave of spidershrooms, twice as big as the last and with two red and white spotted caps each climbed out of the floor.

Death used her giant swordlike claws to slice the caps off of a few, but others released a mist of green spores that forced her to cover her spiracles to avoid her book-lungs getting clogged with fungus.

Murder blasted a fireball, melting the spores and several spidershrooms.

One spidershroom burst it's entire left cap, throwing out a massive red ball of mucus, Murder covered his face with one extra hand, and the mucus hit it, causing it to dissolve into pink slime. "Ooww!" He screamed.

Death quickly shot a ball of silk, which stopped the bleeding.

Then she stamped one tentacle hard onto the last spidershroom,

The biome master stepped back forward, this time it opened it's mouth, revealing another pair of jaws inside the first one,

(Yes that one feature is based on xenomorph's mouths)

Out of the jaws a glob of dull yellow acid flew toward Death,

It hit one of her giant claws, vaporising it into foul-smelling orange smoke.

Death used her remaining claw to slash the creature in the arm, severing it's hand at the wrist. The severed hand twitched and started crawling towards her like a nightmarish sea creature rising forth from the ocean to feed on anything that moved.

Death shot the jagged spike on her tail at the hand,

Impaling it and pinning it to the floor.

The biome master stepped back again, and again more spidershrooms, this time even larger than the last lot and with three coppery coloured caps each,

Emerged from the floor to shamble towards Murder.

He whipped around his long tail to hit them away,

noticing with interest that it had grown quills.

Some of the spidershrooms were impaled or squashed, but the rest just shrugged the hit off and continued, Murder shot purple fire at them, but the flames just bounced off the tough caps.

"These ones are much stronger!"

He shouted to Death,

The bloodstalker shot several balls of silk, sticking the spidershrooms to the ground, and Murder crushed a few under his paw. Suddenly the ground began to crack in one spot, and from it rose a spidershroom, four times the size of the others and with twelve shimmering golden caps.

"That one must be the leader!" Death said.

Murder grabbed one of the smaller spidershrooms and shook it until it was dizzy enough not to bite him, then threw it at the leader spidershroom, as he suspected, the strong caps of the spidershroom were enough to cause more significant harm to the larger one.

"Throw the smaller ones at the big one!" He told Death.

Death grabbed two and threw them at the face of the large one, they hit it and dented it's tough stalk, they both continued throwing spidershrooms until the larger one stared to swell bigger and bigger until, finally. . .

There was a deafening bang, and the spidershrooms all dropped dead on the spot.

The biome master again came forward, this time it swung it's bludgeon-tipped tail around, mashing into Death's front walking tentacle, tearing it off with a crack and a squelch, spraying the ground with green blood.

Murder inhaled, and blasted a huge ferox fire, tongues of violet flame licked around the biome master's body, Death started shooting silk at lightning speed, the balls of glue caught fire and burned whatever they touched.

Finally the biome master dropped to the ground, dead.

Death and Murder changed back to normal, and all their injuries healed completely.

The biome master was surrounded by turquoise hexagons, and it got up, totally healed as well.

"You have done well, here is the artefact" the biome master said,

And in an explosion of hexagons, a black metal object with glowing streaks of dark green appeared before them.

"Oh, and take this" the biome master said, and in another burst of hexagons a small metal cylinder with frosted over blue windows appeared by the artefact.

"Now" said Death, picking up the artefact and the blue thing up in her now normally proportioned claws,

"Onto the ocean biome!"

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