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Hello! I’m WhiteWinterTiger and I already have a story in ravager, direwolf, thylo, and and argent so check them out! Anyway let’s get into this!


Chapter 1

He awoke. Where is he? who is he? He knows. He is Zero the others are not Zero, just Zero. Zero, Zero does not know where Zero is, Zero does not know Zeros purpose. Ah but Zero did know his purpose, Zero looked into the data base, Zero was here to uphold laws and keep out dangerous animals, Zero was to protect the humans, listen to the humans. Zero looked at the others, best Zero could, Zero could not see well, Zero looked at the others, they where awaiting their scouts, just like Zero. One by one the scouts came for their enforcers, taking them away, Zero, was still waiting, Zero looked at the other enforcer, the only one left, Zero spoke in the robot language, “Where is your scout?” Asked Zero. The other enforcer did not look at Zero, just as Zero finished speaking, the other enforcers scout came and took it away, where was Zeros? Zero waited, and waited, and waited, no scout came. Zero thought for a moment, why did no scout come for Zero? Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero was nothing, Zero meant nothing that was what the number meant, that is what he was, Zero. Maybe, Maybe, someone would come...for Zero

Hope you enjoyed!


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