Common knowledge, finally something we can agree on,

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Common knowledge, finally something we can agree on,

But. . . Are you just really weird, because. . .

HOW. . .

How do you consider what is probably the most dooted and praised fanfiction on here as "crappy stories"? THERE ISN'T EVEN ANY FAECES ON THEM, so they aren't even crappy, damn. . .

I yet again forgot how Americanised language works. . .

~Poecilotheria simplify your language colonials. It's too weird to even count as English any more!

In fact, I'm going to create a simple language out of the same words in this one just so you're as confused as we are over here:

Dog = yes

Foot = what

Chip = really

Fiend = oh

Luck = didn't

Clover = I

Mayonnaise = know

Siren = no

Fox = ridiculous

Country = never

Question = skull

Triangle = odd/strange

Meat = lunacy

Human = is

Flatulence = this

Nerd = ugh(ugly when used as an adjective)

What = seaweed

Angel = ok

Account = write

Marzipan = preposterous

Salmon = amazing

Hepatitis = general exclamation, can mean anything from "that was incredibly strange" to "oh ****", for proper usage in a sentence

Hepatitis A = WHAT????!!


Hepatitis C = ****

Horrifying = silence

Hello = goodbye

Goodbye = hello

Kitten = really

(May be expanded upon at a later date)

~Poecilotheria metallica

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