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Rorin’s Story

Chapter 11

Rorin, Lynx, and Feather waited eagerly, yet nervous for the arrival of the lightning wyvern and his friends when all of a sudden sixteen wyverns crashed down from the sky. “Where is it?” Growled a female poison wyvern “shut up Venom! These pipsqueaks are going to bring us to it” said the lighting wyvern “right, Lynx, do what you need to do” said Rorin hesitantly as Lynx walked over to the terminal, lifted her front leg, revealing a small diamond shape, her implant. Lyn seemed to be dazed she, her eyes moved around as if she was doing something and then all of a sudden a giant bubble appeared “Under it!” Shouted Lynx, signaling for everyone to join her underneath it. They waited, and waited, and nothing happened for awhile, but then, in a blink of a eye, they teleported somewhere else. Rorin opened his eyes to see a tall circle shaped rock wall that looked like it had been cut away from the rest of the earth, there was a deep wide circle going all the way around it, leaving walls of rock to keep them from escaping. A roar sounded from the sky and something that looked like Lynx’s description landed in the center on the rock tower in the middle: the manticore. “Let’s burn it to the ground!” Shouted a red fire wyvern “not if I get it first!” Said another wyvern as they all shot into the sky trying to get the first scratch on the manticore. One by one the wyverns flying in the sky, attacking the manticore, fell as it would stab them with its poisonous tail.

I need this to be at least another chapter so you get a cliffhanger



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