This is gonna be fun, muwhahahahahaha lol

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This is gonna be fun, muwhahahahahaha lol

Rorin’s Story

Chapter 2

Storm and Fluffy each took on a death worm and soon enough Belle joined Storm against the death worm he was battling and they killed it. When the death worm died Belle went to help Fluffy and Snow but Storm just stood still and looked up at where Rorin was still being chased and then smiled as Rorin and the death worm chasing him went out of sight. Rorin wondered where his pack was? Where was his family? Rorin was lost the death worm was still chasing him though and he couldn’t stop. After awhile the death worm got tired and left leaving Rorin alone, Rorin collapsed and took a minute to get some breath, where was he? Where was his pack?

Rorin tried to retrace his steps but it started to get hard when it started to get windy and the wind started to blow away the footprints. Night fell and Rorin climbed up some rocks and fell asleep under a ledge, cold, without his pack and warm cave to warm him. Morning came and Rorin was starting to get hungry he had not eaten at all yesterday between, hunting, Storm, and trying to find his way home. Rorin found something small to kill and eat then he kept walking, not sure where exactly he was going but he just kept going strait in hopes of finding water or his home. Rorin got lucky and was able to find a small water vein and drank as much as he could handle hen kept on walking until he bumped into something, but there wasn’t anything there? Rorin put his paw up and touched the invisible thing, it rippled. After some experimenting Rorin decided it was a barrier and he was not strong enough to brake it so he continued backwards but at a slight angle.

Rorin had been walking for days and hadn’t been able to find his home but today, he thought, today would be the day when he would come home and everyone would welcome him back. Rorin found a cave and got exited was he home?! Rorin walked up to the cave entrance then into the cave when all of a sudden something jumped on him, “who are you!? What do you want!?” Yelled the thing on top of Rorin

PS this is set in schorched earth also Rorin is Jet black so the heat is probably terrible



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