Dodo Tales (S2 cha- I mean Ep8)

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Dodo Tales (S2 cha- I mean Ep8)

Rick walked up to a locked door. He kicked it down. "What the hell?!" He said as he inspected the old room. "Wow...this is just...weird" an old crown was on the wall. "I remember when this place was a monarchy" he then found a letter on the ground. It said:

Dear Bob, (a reference for Bob the writer)

I hate to inform you that the king is dead, killed by someone unknown. The prince disappeared soon after, we can't find him anywhere. His best friend said he couldn't have run away, yet here we are. The bottom line is that we can no longer trust our monarchs.

The prince did not run away alone. We assume he left with...followers if you will. We were told he had another friend that disappeared as well. We need to track dow-

That's all Rick could read before being interrupted

"Uncovering old secrets I presume. I'm afraid they are not yours."

Rick's eyes widened

"Y- you-"


"You must now be silenced. I hope you understand."

"Not again"...

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