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Draconis tales chapter 45

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Draconis tales chapter 45

Bluefeathers and the others continued past the old human houses.

Occasionally huge primal crystals stuck our of the walls or ceiling and they would have to squeeze underneath them to get through,

Eventually Glowyrm ran out of charge and they had to feel their way along, Amethyst was especially good at moving without light, and she soon heard he was quite far ahead of them.

'it must be something to do with his crystals' she thought,

Eventually even Bluefeathers, who was used to massive caves,

Thought the tunnels would never end, but they were gradually sloping up, and Amethyst had said that the crystal queen's lair was half a mile high, so it would likely take a while.

Walking further through the caverns,

It started to get so dark that Bluefeathers was relying entirely on touch to navigate.

"We should be nearly there" Amethyst called from up ahead.

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