Dodo Tales (S1 Ep26) fun fact: Rick was originally going…

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Dodo Tales (S1 Ep26) fun fact: Rick was originally going to die, but I switched him with Eden because it felt right.

Jerry held Eden's lifeless body in his arms. "I won't let you down" he said, a tear sliding down his face. Rick and Ares were cornered by Fenrir (fen-reer). Rick went for him but his leg was slashed by the pike, and he stumbled back. "We need to find a way out!" Yelled Ares who wished he had his bow. Jerry looked around and inspected the walls. at this point, everyone knew Jerry was still alive. "There!" He yelled, pointing to a cracked part of the wall. They ran for it, outrunning their enemies. Rick slammed into the wall and it cracked more. Rick slammed into it again and it crumbled away. "NOOO!" yelled Fenrir in defeat as they ran down a stairwell that would lead them out. "We're safe" Said Jerry and Rick punched him lightly "don't say that, whenever someone does, something bad happens" and they ran outside, the sun descending once more...

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