The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

Chapter twenty.

As they walked away, Michael walked. “Hello Emma.” He said ignoring Andrew. He also ignored the fact that Emma’s hand was injured. “So…I’m guessing that you have heard that we are having a ball next week. Would you come with me?” Michael asked. Emma took a deep breath and wiped her face. “No thank you Mr. Mayor.” She said politely. “Good, now that that is all cleared up….wait what?!” Michael exclaimed. Obviously he had expected her to say yes. He glared at Andrew. “Then WHO are you going to go with? Him?” Michael scoffed. “He’s one year younger than you!” Emma straightened and she looked Michael directly in the eyes. “No Andrew has not asked me to go but as a wise man named Ben once said:“there has to be more chemistry between two people than just their age or how pretty they are” and besides even if the age thing did matter than guess what? I’m older than YOU not that I would want to go with you anyway, mayor or not.” Emma said coldly. Michael’s mouth dropped open in surprise at her statement. He began to say something but Emma interrupted him. “If you have a problem with that go talk to my father.” Michael gulped. Then he raised his head haughtily and strutted off, with one last look of anger at Andrew. “Come on Andrew. Let’s go.” Emma said, feeling weak after standing up to Michael.

Jay and Jack watched Emma go. “Why did she have to hit Emma so many times, I mean she only hit US once.” Jack asked Jay in a low voice. “I don’t know but that HURT. Don’t you think?” Jack shrugged. “It did at first but then the pain went away.” Jack stated. “What do you mean?” Jay asked. He grabbed Jack’s hand and gaped at it. The scar had scabbed over. “How?” Jay asked in wonder. Jack looked at his hand and shrugged again. “Maybe she just didn’t hit my hand as hard so it didn’t break through the skin completely.”

“I don’t know but we need to go to Captain Swan for more training.” Jay said.

Eric and Aaron Jr. had joined them for this session. Josh had told his son who had invited Aaron Jr. After the session Jack and Jay headed home. The door to their house was already unlocked so they stepped inside. Emma, Andrew and Emilia were in the living room/dining room. Emma’s hand was washed and bandaged under the supervision of Andrew who had learned a lot from his father. (Who is a doctor) She and Andrew were sitting on a couch talking. "Hi Jack, hi Jay.” Emma greeted them as they walked through the door. They sat down beside the fireplace and they joined in the conversation. After a while the front door opened and Arianna, Aragorn, and Josephina and Jaquin arrived. Aragorn’s eyes narrowed at the sight of Andrew with his daughter. "Well, I better go.” Andrew said quickly, hoping to avoid a confrontation with Aragorn. “I’ll walk you out.” Emma volunteered. They walked outside.

"Well I guess I better go.” Andrew said. Emma smiled. “Ok. Thanks, for helping me. You’re very kind.” She said. “No problem. Uh…Emma?……uh…I mean…bye!” Andrew said. He began to walk away but then stopped and turned back to Emma. “Wait! Um, would you….like to go to the ball with me?” Andrew asked nervously. Emma’s face lit up. “Yes! I mean, yes.” Andrew grinned. “I’ll see you around then!” He said. He walked off. Emma headed back inside and was greeted by her family. They just stared at her. “What?” Emma inquired.

“Well?! Did he ask you?!” Jay asked. Emma’s cheeks burned a rosy color. “Yes.” She said defensively. The room erupted with comments, advice, tears(from Arianna), and more. “My big girl is going to the ball!” Arianna said. “I’m so proud of you honey!”

“Humph” Aragorn grunted. “Are we going to see Emma’s dress mommy?” Josephina asked. “Don’t let him get to close.” Jack warned. “Okay! Okay! I get it!” Emma exclaimed. “Do you though?” Jay asked. Emma walked past them and headed into her room pretending to be upset, but she was happy. She couldn’t wait for next week. She was going to the ball with Andrew!

Next chapter coming soon! 💃🏽🕺🏽


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