Dodo tales (Ep17 S1)

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Dodo tales (Ep17 S1)

Jerry warmed his hands by the fire they created, and layed down to rest. It was dusk, and darkness was coming very fast. "How did all that happen in just one day?" he thought

"Where are we anyway?" Jerry asked, since he had never bothered to ask Rick that.

"I think it's called an Ark" said Eden

"There's a theory that we're all just being put through some twisted experiment or test"

"How many of us live here?" Jerry asked

"I don't know, I've only been here for a few months." Eden replied

Jerry soon fell asleep...

He dreamt of Rick in a cage being tortured and horribly treated, And he knew that if he had been captured, Rick would have come back for him. He woke up in a thatch hut, that Eden must have made while he was asleep, but he was nowhere to be found...

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