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Dodo tales (Ep12 S1)

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Dodo tales (Ep12 S1)

Did I do Ep11? because I dont see it. Please tell me if I didn't.

The man raised his hands and said "I mean you no harm, my name is-" he was interrupted by a load roar. Rick rolled under the bed and Jerry hid in a large cabinet. The poor man had nowhere to hide as the roof broke open and an Allo came in. The Allo was missing an eye and Jerry knew it wanted him dead for that. The man yelled and the Allo came closer. Rick shot it without thinking twice, and it lifted the bed and threw it. "Now's probably a good time to run!" He said as he bolted threw the door. "The cave! We'll be safe in the cave!" Jerry yelled even though he knew there were Raptors there. He would rather face Raptors than Allos. Jerry climbed out of the cabinet and ran out of the house with the man. As they ran Jerry got a better look at him, and he appeared to be in his 50s or 60s. A few more Allos crashed the the trees and pursued them. Then he saw Rick at the cave entrance...

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