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The Chronicles of Corruption

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The Chronicles of Corruption

Chapter 7 (FINALLY)

"You guys can't leave me!" Said Corrin

"You cowards!"

"We're not cowards, we want to go home"

"I'll go with him. I have nowhere else to go"

"Thank you!"

"Simon, as mischievous and untrustworthy you are, your name should be Loki. Fits more, now that I know you well" said Corrin, walking away from him.

Simon sat there and cried...

Off they went, leaving behind everyone else.

"We should recruit some others to go" suggested Corrin.

"no, I know a tribe in the mountains, they'll help us."

The tribe lacked a leader, so they accepted Corrin as their king soon.

"Hey" Corrin said to Linda when they were alone

"What?" She responded. This was it, he was going to-

She fell on the floor. Dead.

A single tear dropped to the ground.

"Power isn't free..."

"My loyalty to it is why I have it."

It wasn't hard to hide the body, or the dagger. He had done it. Forged his destiny...

The Ark would soon be his.

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