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The Trial

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The Trial

Chapter five

Jerry needed to get food for Bob, but how?

He thought that picking fruit was a good idea, so he started climbing a peach tree.

He fell and broke his back. The end.

No, he plucked a couple peaches before he saw him. Hurricane. He was waiting for Jerry to drop his gaurd. Jerry said "Bob, grab a weapon for me please" knowing he would be attacked at any moment.

"Why do you resist? We're all doomed anyway."


"There's no alternative. No salvation until the very end. They want violence."

"Uh, please tell me that you're not-"

Hurricane jumped towards him quickly, but Jerry moved to the side and he fell on his back, surprised. Bob threw a spear and Jerry grabbed it, then he jumped off the tree and Hurricane was dead in a moment, the weapon through his chest.

"We sure dodged a bullet, huh"

"Y- yeah" Bob said as he collapsed.

Jerry ran towards him.

As he helped Bob, he couldn't think of anything else than what Hurricane had said.

"They want violence"

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