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The Trial

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The Trial

No I'm not TCLP, bob, Dodo Tales guy, or any other well known fanfictioner, I'm just...borrowing their characters 😉

Chapter two

Jerry runs through the trees, his heart pounding as he bumps into Bob. "He's coming!" He yells as he runs by. Bob understands this and runs with Jerry, even though they tried to kill each other earlier. The trees fall down as Hurricane approaches, ready to tear them apart. Rick comes out of the bushes and hurls a rock at Hurricane who stumbles back, surprised. Then, Rick starts hitting him with a spear, driving him back. Suddenly, Furbreak runs through, snatching Rick as he cries out in pain. Jerry and Bob were safe at this point, or so they thought.

"Let's make shelter tonight" said Jerry

"Sure" Bob replies.

* * * * * *

Fenrir, who is deep in the jungle, hears a twig snap behind him. INV. He spins around to face him, and without hesitation, they begin to clash their swords.

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