The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

Chapter eleven.

As they walked Andrew rubbed his nose. It was bruised at the top were the door had hit it. “You okay?” Emma asked him. Andrew smiled and put on a brave face. “Yeah, I’ll be okay. Your dad, doesn’t like strangers does he?” Andrew asked. “He doesn’t trust people he doesn’t know, like you.” Jack said. Andrew turned red. “I didn’t mean to intrude…” he began but Emma interrupted. “It’s fine Andrew.” She said irritably . “Are you okay?” Andrew asked her

“Your eyes are terribly blood shot and you look… uh…(he struggled for the right word, trying not to sound rude)peaky.”

“I’m fine, I just didn’t sleep well last night.” Emma said, then as if to prove her point she began yawning ferociously. Andrew grinned. “Well school is the perfect place to catch up on sleep.” Andrew remarked. “What do you mean?” Jay asked. (Jay loved to study unlike his twin brother)

“Well all the teachers(mayor Reine and mayor Roi) talk about is “how are island was formed after the arks” and “how we don’t have a lot of technology”.” Andrew said sincerely. “Oh come on! It can’t be that boring, can it?” Emma said. Andrew shrugged at her. “See for yourself.” After that remark, they didn’t say much more, they just walked until they came to a medium sized building painted dull grey. “Aaaand here we are!” Andrew said. As soon as they walked in the building they were face to face with Mayor Reine. “Oh, hello new students!” She exclaimed. “Sooo nice to meet you all!” She said. “Let me introduce you to the class, shall I?” She turned to go. “Um Madam mayor? If you don’t mind, we’ve already met most the students, so you don’t have do that.” Jay said. Andrew and Jack quietly snickered, while Emma politely looked away trying not to laugh. Mayor Reine shot him a look of annoyance. “Fine!” She snapped. “GO sit down!” They politely did so. After that mayor Reine wasn’t as nice to them. As they passed the front desks in the class they noticed the mayor’s sons who were sitting at the front desks. They also noticed Michael watching Emma very closely.Emma went and sat by Emilia and Olivia while Jay and Jack sat down on either side of Eric. Eric grinned broadly at his friends. “Hi.” Eric whispered. “Okay. Settle down class, settle down!” Mayor Roi said. After a few minutes of “quiet!”, “down!”, and “get in your seats!” the class finally settled down. “Ok, now we can begi…” mayor Roi began but was interrupted by the schoolroom door opening and Elizabeth rushing in. “Hi! Sorry, I’m late but our dog Gabriella had puppies and I had to help with them.” She said. The mayors frowned at her. “Sit down.” Mayor Roi said. Elizabeth hurriedly did so. “Ok as I was saying, NOW we can begin if there is no more interruptions.” Elizabeth blushed. “Sorry.” She whispered. “A long long long long time ago there was an age called “the arks”. It was an extraordinary time period, filled with strange creatures and…elements. Some people took advantage of these…elements and strange creatures and used them for their own purposes. Some people used these elements to make powerful weird jewelry and other things while others “tamed” creatures and used them as slaves. Now we went through different stages of “the arks”. They were called the island, the center, Scorched earth, Ragnerok, Valeuguro, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis,Crystal isles another Genesis, and Fjordor. Whenever the arks ended we were left with little technology and with leftover elements around we didn’t want chaos to happen so we are basically left with old technology like telephones, and etc.” Mayor Roi lectured . (The mayors for some reason took turns teaching the class.)“Now, any questions?” Mayor Reine asked. Jack raised his hand. “Yes?” Mayor Reine asked. Jack cleared his throat. “Um, are y’all names actually Roi and Reine? I just think it’s kind of coincidental that you act like y’all are the king and queen of this island and that’s what y’all’s names mean in French.” Jack said. All of the kids in the class started laughing except for the mayor’s sons who were looking murderous at Jack and Jay. “Quiet!” Mayor Reine yelled. She glared at Jack and Jay. “Class dismissed.” Mayor Roi said. The kids filed our neatly in a line and headed to the town square.

Hope y’all are enjoying, the next chapter is coming soon!


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