. . . Inevitability (Ep10) Reaper woke up. Or did…

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Inevitability (Ep10)

Reaper woke up.

Or did he? He could think clearly, but everything was dark as if his eyes were closed.

A light.

A blinding light shined into his face. Reaper turned away, trying to move a hand to cover his eyes, but he couldn't.

It was then that he realized he was tied up in a chair.

"Wha- what do you want?" Reaper asked, with obvious fear In his voice. The words hung in the air and time seemingly slowed to a crawl. No answer.

"Reaper..." a voice finally said.

"Rebellion soldier? Victim of the suřayă massacre?" The voice continued.

"Don't mention that! You'll regret it. When I get out of-"

The speaker slapped Reaper on the face. "Shut up and listen!" They yelled.

"Wow...ok...whatever..." Reaper said, the tone of fear now absent from his voice. "Where is the other one?"

"You mean the Swamp guy? Eden?"

"No you idiot! The king!"

"The...king? What?"

"Shall I expain?"

"I would certainly appreciate it."

"I'll tell you...there was once a monarchy that was very strong and nothing seemed like it could go wrong. Eventually, people got tired of the monarchy and rebelled, wanting democracy. They won, and killed the king. We took control and now we're being rebelled against. It's not that they want the monarchy back, it's that they don't like how our new government funtions. It's ironic, isn't it? A rebellion for a rebellion...well, anyway, the king was supposedly assassinated, yet I saw him with my own eyes. You ran away with him into the jungle."

Reaper couldn't decide what to do.

If he said Eden was that king, they would hunt him, and if he said Eden wasn't, they wouldn't believe him.

"You better start talking kid...or else." Said the voice.

"Nope." Reaper replied.

"Screw off."

Reaper saw the light go out and felt a bag cover his head. He felt a sharp pain in his side and his eyelids became heavy...

so very...heavy...

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