Inevitability (Ep9) - Hunted

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Inevitability (Ep9) - Hunted

As they entered a clearing, Eden sat down, hoping that Reaper wouldn't keep going. He didn't, and they sat on a splinter-covered log together.

It was Eden that spoke first. "We really need to find somewhere to stay. Actually, I think we're close to the swamp, maybe we could head to my house and stay there for a bit." Reaper's head jerked to look at something. "Did you hear that?" He asked.

"Hear what?"

"Someone's!" Reaper yelled.

They ran through vines and branches for at least three minutes when Reaper suddenly stopped and Eden ran into him, knocking them both to the ground. "Why'd you stop?" Eden asked.

"Shut up. Someone's just a few feet in front of us." Reaper whispered, laying flat on the ground, covered by the brush.

Sure enough, a boot stepped in front of them. Reaper and Eden began to crawl away when the boot suddenly pinned down Reaper's hand. He cried out, not even trying to be quiet. The figure leaned down, pulling up Reaper and pinning him against a tree, holding him by the neck.

"You're gonna pay for what you did you little s**t." Said the same man in black from before.

The man slammed his fist into Reaper again and again, and he cried out in pain, eventually becoming limp. The man dragged Reaper and threw him onto the dirt, kicking him. Eden was horrified. The man then picked up Reaper again, this time dragging his legs, before vanishing into the jungle.

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