Check out my newest story (other than this one) in enforcer!

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Check out my newest story (other than this one) in enforcer!

Ally’s Hope

Chapter 4

Ally had slept, now, it was a new day. Ally knew, well, more hoped, but she didn’t want to be negative, that her tribe would find her, but right now she was hungry and hoped to find something to eat. Ally walked up to the base of a tree and started to climb till she was at the top, from the top of the tree she noticed three small titanyoma(sorry if I spelled it wrong) insects, not the kind that could fly, and decided they would make an easy meal. Ally jumped out of the tree and glided down where she landed on top of the insects, killing two, and then picking the one that was still alive up in her beak and crushed it, The insects made a decent meal. Ally looked up at the sky where she noticed an argent flying, Ally climbed back up the tree, surely flying couldn’t be that hard. Ally jumped from the tree, trying to mimic the argent, it did not work, Ally crashed onto the ground with a thump, Ally did not give up hope though, as she climbed up the tree several more times. Come night fall Ally was covered in scratches and bruises so she climbed back up the tree and went back to the indent in the cliff that she had stayed in the previous night. Ally woke up once again, she decided she’d try to find her way home, she knew she wouldn’t make it all the way, because her tribe would find her, but she’d do some of the work to make it go quicker. Ally wandered for a while, keeping eye, to make sure she didn’t run into anything dangerous, Ally noticed a stego. Ally went up to the stego, “um, excuse me, but could you tell me where my tribes base is?” Asked Ally as it chewed on some grass, the stego turned its head to face west, “just go strait that way, now, leave me alone!” Yelled the stego. Ally turned around and went west, just like the stego said, he was nice, thought Ally. Ally noticed a giant human fortress, that wasn’t what her tribes base looked like! One of the humans patrolling the base noticed her and pointed at her and started yelling. Ally realized immediately that they where not friendly and climbed up the nearest tree, Ally hoped from tree to tree only stopping once to see if they where chasing her, they were, with a giant spino tearing through the trees. Ally screeched, and kept hoping from tree to tree, she could do that faster than she could walk, and faster than the spino could run, but it was still close to catching her. Ally came to be on a tree at the edge of a canyon/long ditch, Ally turned around, the spino coming, so she did the only thing she could think of, she took a step back, prepared herself, and jumped. Ally glided across the ditch and barley managed to grab a branch with her beak and scrabble up on to it, the spino turned back to go home.

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