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Dodo tales (S1 Ep6) look for Ep5 in the ankylosaurus section

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Dodo tales (S1 Ep6) look for Ep5 in the ankylosaurus section

thank you journey to the aberration trench/a yuty's quest person, I am a fan of your stories (my favorite character was Eel, because he was weird, R.I.P. random spinosaurus) anyway....

As jerry ran into the house, he grabbed his friend's arm and pulled him in before slamming the door. To Jerry's suprise, His friend looked shocked. "Are you ok?" When he didn't respond, he slapped him "Are you ok?!"

His friend finally managed "R-Rick..... my name is.....Rick."

"ok, what's wrong with you, Rick"

"We're.......screwed" Rick said right as the wooden roof burst open with a crash, and the head of an Allosaurus poked in.

They ran to the other side of the house, but a window burst open, and in came another head. It was chaotic. There were at least four, each burst through a wall or window to try to catch them. They ran up the stairs, but an allo came in and caught Rick by the leg...

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