Hope’s Call

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Hope’s Call

Chapter one:Redemption

Melissa ran through the forest chasing after the large Daedon. Behind her was her dad, Sam. He was very far behind. With a large burst of speed he ran past Melissa. “On your left!” He screeched as he ran past. Melissa skidded too a halt. ‘How in the world could a man so old get past me??’ Melissa thought. Melissa regaining her composure spotted a ledge that went upward and ended on a cliff. Melissa ran up the ledge, and lept off the cliff, landing square on top of the Daedon. “And that, is how you catch a Daedon!” Melissa snarled. “This should feed the whole tribe, this guy is chuuuunky!” Sam whistled. “Wow Sam! How you caught a 159 pound Daedon at your age!” A voice behind Sam called. Sam turned around too see a skinny black Purlovia behind him. “Mateo? I’m surprised too see you in this sector, and how your still alive after eating Billy Rig’s potato strudel in seventh grade!” Both men shuddered at the thought of the strudel. “I remember that!” A voice snickered from under a pile of mud. “GO AWAY BILLY YOU DONT BELONG HERE!!” Sam barked. The pile of mud shuffled as Billy left. “Potato S t r u d e l?” Melissa asked. “Long story short, Billy wanted too be a chef! Lets just say he wasn’t the best chef.” Mateo shuddered. “Anyway, I was wondering… do you know where I can find some food for my family? You know since the Rest of Tribe wont share because I was… Banished.” Mateo asked hopefully. Sam scanned the area. “There’s some phiomas over there.” Sam said. “Thanks man!” Mateo said as he hobbled off towards the Phiomas. “Poor guy.” Melissa said. “We have too get back too the Tribe.” Sam said as he dragged the Daedon away. A fast breeze flew behind Melissa. She heard Sam grunt. Melissa turned around. But Sam was still dragging the body. That’s when she heard it, a loud, shrill scream pierced the silence. “Mateo!” Sam shouted. Sam ran towards where Mateo was. Melissa followed. The phiomias had scattered. And laying against a tree. Was Mateo, half dead with an arrow buried deep into his stomach. Blood poured too the ground creating a puddle around him. Mateo mumbled something. “Mateo?” Sam edged closer. “RUN!!” Mateo managed too scream. His eyes crazed. Large creatures dropped from the trees. One picked up a log and slammed it into the side of Sam’s head. Sam dropped too the ground.

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