The Chronicles of Corruption

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The Chronicles of Corruption

(A prequel to Dodo tales)

Chapter 5: the Escape to nowhere

(Chapter 3 and 4 are in the Allo section. I'm doing 2 chapters in each section)

"Wha- what's th- that noise" Simon said in complete shock. "Up the ladder!" Yelled their new friend. "Come on!" Said Corrin to Simon.

They crawled up the ladder one by one as a giant snake came into view, blood dripping from it's mouth. It couldn't get up the ladder, but it tried. "Watch out!!" Corrin instructed Simon. Simon quickly moved to the left, as the snake lunged towards him and missed. "Are we all ok?" Asked Corrin

"Yeah, I'm alright" said Simon, as he climbed out of the tunnel onto the ground, closing the latch behind him. "My name's Linda by the way."

"Why in the hell would you betray your little cult thing. You know, the masked weirdos"

"I...uh...that's not important right now" she said.


"Let's hurry up and build shelter before sunset"

"great idea"...

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