The Chronicles of Corruption

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The Chronicles of Corruption

(A prequel to Dodo tales)

Chapter 2: the canyon

They ran towards the canyon as fast as they could. "You sure about this?" Said Corrin, who was beginning to like Simon's adventurousness. "Look, there they are" he responded, pointing to three dilos down in the canyon. "How are we going to get down there?" Corrin asked, afraid to hear the answer. "Watch" said Simon, pulling out a gun. he shot it, and a zipline hit the bottom of the canyon "oh no" said Corrin, who was afraid of heights. Then Simon attached it to the ground next to him, and got on. He started sliding down "this is terrifying, but fun!" He yelled. Corrin knew he had no choice, he grabbed on and closed his eyes. He soon touched the bottom "getting back up is going to be a nightmare." he thought. They slowly approached the dilos, and Corrin threw a knife at one. It hit it in the eye and it screeched, falling over (much like the Raptor at the start of Dodo tales) then, the other two ran at them..

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