The Chronicles of Corruption

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The Chronicles of Corruption

(a prequel to Dodo tales)

Prologue: the Ark Jerry would soon call home was once a peaceful and beautiful place, but things never last forever, and the once perfect world would soon fall to evil

(Chapter one: before the beginning)

For the longest time, Corrin had felt like his tribe was lacking unity, and that the king should have more power. As the prince, he was quite lonely, but was treated well by strangers. The only friend he had ever had was Simon, who he assumed only wanted to tie his family to the royals somehow. His father was 54, and honestly just refused to end his rule. One day, Corrin asked his father if he could go hunt. He was experienced, and could throw throwing knives very accurately. On the way his "friend", who was about his age, 17, found Corrin, and tried to talk with him.

"Leave me alone" he kept telling him

"Don't be like this again. I saw some dilos in the canyon, Why don't we go and try to hunt them" Simon responded...

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